Web design and hosting

We can register your website name, design and host it - even enable you to update it yourself.


We use professional designers for the artwork and experienced programmers for the rest. None of our staff are self-taught amateurs (although we have the greatest of respect for many of them); we have been producing multimedia and software for many years and have earned a reputation for developing well-balanced error free solutions for businesses ranging from multinationals to local retails outlets (shops!).

LSS is an established software house, unlike some of the newer web design specialist companies we have been in the business for many years and are not likely to disappear over the weekend leaving you with a site you can't update.

We operate our own dedicated Web server and can offer a number of options at what we believe are competitive prices. If you have your own domain name or space already, we can set your site up there or transfer it to our server.

We don't charge for ad-hoc domain name maintenance. All you pay for is the initial registration of your domain and a yearly subscription after that. Your subscription includes all reasonable support requests including backups and mailbox maintenance.

All domain name registration carried out by Lucas Software complies with Nominet's Terms of Domain Name Registration.

LSS can offer a support service second to none. A large multinational IT company use us for one of their key systems and we never let them down. We operate our own helpdesk on-line and are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Not all of this will be of interest to you but you know that you can grow when you need to and stay with the same people.


We offer a range of fixed priced packages for those businesses who like to know exactly what they get for their money, ranging from a name and email facility to a fully supported e-commerce site for public or inter company use.


Domain Name and Web space

If you just want 5 Email addresses and a web address such as you@yourdomain.com and www.yourdomain.com then we can provide a service with annual billing and access to the software you would need to create your own pages and upload them yourself. The annual charge includes 50 Mb of web / email space, 5 Email addresses and domain name registration.

Basic Web presence

If you don't feel technical today, let us do the work, we can create a stylish single page letting the world know who you are what you do. All you need is to choose a name, send us the material and choose a basic style. A single page web site with a logo and two photos will give you a presence on the web and allow you to consider feedback and start the search engine registration process. This service includes name registration, Email and web space. All photos and text must be supplied.

Small Site

If you are considering putting your toe in the WWW water (wwww?) then a small site could be the answer, you can use a small site to demonstrate who you are, where you are, what you do and how to contact you. A basic site would have 5 pages with 5 photos and a logo. This includes name registration, Email and web space, Search Engine optimisation and submission. All photos and text must be supplied.

Standard Site

If you are ready to take the next step and have an idea of what you want to show the world we can help, most companies have a standard site to represent themselves in the same way as a professionally produced brochure might. Besides your typical pages, we can prepare your logo and photos for uploading and create a form for customers to fill in to request information. The site will be up to 15 pages with up to 15 photos and a logo, along with a contact page. We would supply some graphic design and help create the general appearance of the site, ensuring that your site is unique and has a style that truly reflects your corporate image.


Large Site

In addition to the standard package you will have up to 30 pages and 50 images. We would supply a manual to enable the self-updating of the majority of the pages. Once completed you can update your own address / telephone number, stock, prices and special offers without our help from your admin site that is provided. Also included is a free invisible statistics gather. We can give you all you need to keep you running with no further expense. We include a days training and full technical support during the first year although we don't expect you will need it.

More Complex sites

We love to write complex sites with intelligent statistical gathering, search facilities, file download facilities, mailing list creation and daily changing screens. We have experience in most advanced web programming areas and have developed sites with content including:-

  • Shopping facilities,
  • Data capture,
  • MYSQL Databases
  • PHP Active pages
  • Search facilities
  • Mailing list capture and administration


What to do next

Have a look at our competition, we cannot give you a list here there are too many around and new one man bands starts up every day, some design houses are cheaper and some are more costly but I believe we offer true value for money and a level of excellence which most cannot achieve. Surf the web, make a note of sites you like and the points that draw you to them, your competitors should be your first port of call, you can aim higher and learn from their mistakes. Gather your text, photos, commission some new ones and decide on your basic style and colours. Then contact us on 01462 730823 to arrange a meeting, we can choose a domain name and discuss a package to suit you.

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