A bit about development

As well as developing sites that have been designed in house, we are also happy to do the programming for existing sites and new designs where the client needs a professional programming team for one project.

One of our most successful projects have been based on existing site designs and even integrating into existing systems within the client organisation.

We can either develop to your specifications or assist you in designing your site or web application from a development standpoint.

Our main strengths are in PHP database driven sites, we have our own branded CMS (Content management system) which allows site owners to administer their sites and make changes without incurring extra charges.

Some of our best work has been written from a basic design document or user requirement specification, we will provide a full development proposal and specification if required and then code and can support the site if required. We offer a warranty on all our work, and can arrange backups and usage statistical analysis too. We also have a very good relationship with a local design team who can design the look and feel of your site too.

For more information see our webdesign page


You design it we write it.

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