A bit of Lucas Software History1

Started by a group of programmers with an interest in multimedia and new technology but with solid traditional programming experience in 1993. LSS has progressed from a simple solution provider to a flexible, forward thinking development team with skills ranging from project management to detailed design and implementation. We pride ourselves on being reliable and cost effective with a support culture which, typically, only large companies can offer. We moved from the first premises in Wilbury Way Hitchin to the town centre having bought and refurbished 'Barhams Gun Shop' - in December 1998. Here are some photos of the work required to support the complex telephone system and internal network. We had to use 3000 meters of cable which took nearly two months to install, but allows us to take advantage of the emerging telecom technologies with ease. Finally in 2014 a move to Arlesey and less hustle and bustle means we can still provide the same service without the distractions of being in the middle of a retail area.


After many years enjoying developing new products and supporting old ones, we no longer have a team big enough to take on new business and no longer offer mainframe support. 

Existing customers will be supported as usual, we just prefer to take things a little easier.

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