Slow IT - the past may be the future too.

With a total combined experience of more than 40 years on most of Fujitsu's many mainframe platforms and languages, we have been supporting several of ICL's corporate internal systems for more than 5 years and supply Fujitsu with both 24 support cover and system development.

While the latest desktop PCs can handle local (and Server-Client systems) the mainframe is still the power-plant behind many processing requirements, and many system owners need that kind of power to operate in today's business environment.

With so much knowledge of mainframe programming and an ever-expanding experience of PC solution development, LSS are able to visualize and maximize the advantages of using both technologies hand-in-hand.

For the more technically minded, mainframe systems can provide volume and number-crunching much better that smaller systems. Using Fujitsu's VME Operating system and their many programming tools (IDMS, DDS, TPMS, SCL, COBOL, AM and others) interfacing from these systems (both real-time and background transfers), LSS continues to enhance both the presentation of information and the ease of use offered by local systems.

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