Support 24/7

Support is what we love to provide, it makes us feel great when we solve a problem.

We provide a full 24-hour support service for our larger clients, and tailored packages for customers who do not need the full backup & support requirements of more substantial departments. LSS also operate Internet call-handling to ensure that our customers can monitor (and contribute to) the status of their support issues.

Our infrastructure, built over decades in the business, means we almost always have someone ready to help at very short notice even if you are one of the smaller businesses we support.

Where appropriate (and our customers agree) support is provided via remote-access, ensuring that no time is lost determining the nature (& resolution) of client issues. Today's solutions for tomorrows problems.

Current clients include: Fujitsu Services - Mobile Engineering Division, Infocomms Consultancy and other clients who choose to remain nameless.

If you have a website hosted with us you may find our customer help page useful.

If you have issues with SPAM or abuse of any website we host please contact us using teh form on the contact page and ring to let us know as soon as you can - the sooner we know of an issue, the faster we can respond.


Customer Helpdesk